Your Best Jet Ski Rental Experience Options


$150 Half-Day

Come enjoy an amazing discounted rate of just $150 per jet ski on any Weekday for 3 hours of ride time. We will provide everything you need such as fuel, safety equipment, instruction, and of course the Jet Skis! We want you to have an awesome time and receive the best deals for jet ski rentals in the Orlando Area. We have a 2 jet ski requirement for this amazing deal, so on top of bringing your photo ID, you better grab a friend for the other ski and you will be out on the water having an amazing time together. And for groups of friends, we have plenty more jet skis to rent, each additional jet ski is ONLY $150. Call Today to Book your adventure!

$180 Weekend Half-Day

For a price better than any competitors, you can come out with friends and family for Only $180 per jet ski and spend 3 hours of ride time on the beautiful waters of Central Florida. Everything you need such as fuel, safety equipment, instruction, and of course the Jet Skis will be provided by us! Our goal, is for you to have an awesome time and receive the best deals for jet ski rentals in the Orlando Area. There is a 2 jet ski requirement for this amazing deal, so friends/family are a must, don’t be so selfish as to not share the amazing time you are going to have with your loved ones. If you are feeling a little selfish or just want the time to yourself, we have a Single Jet Ski Special as well. Just check it out below!

$220 Single Ski Half-Day

Have some free time to kill but only need one jet ski for your time? We have the perfect way for you to enjoy your day. With this awesome deal you will get 3 hours of ride time on one of our awesome jet skis and don’t have to get a second ski to achieve those discounted rates! We have a 2 rider maximum for our jet skis so you can spend the time on your own or bring a friend or family member to enjoy the day with you. You’ll be sure to catch some sun & views on the scenic, beautiful waterways of the Clermont Chain just outside of Orlando, FL.

Regular Priced Option

LIMITED TIME ONLY – JUST $75 HOURLY, no minimum time required.

Don’t have time for any of our Specials? We also offer our jet skis for single hours so you can still experience some time on the water and bring joy to part of your day. For 1 jet ski we require 2 hours minimum OR rent 2 jet skis for just 1 hour. Bring a friend along, it’s the perfect lunch break getaway from work!

Event Services

We also cater to events at special prices! Contact us today to see how we can offer a fun, on the water solution to a family reunion, corporate picnic, beach wedding, or any other number of events. Our crew members stay on site for the duration of the rental time and will ensure everything is taken care of in the aspect of the jet skis so it’s one less thing for any event planner to worry about. Contact us for some of our options and to discuss your event!


*Weekday Half-day Special requires 2 jet ski minimum. Weekend Half-day Special requires 2 jet ski minimum. Hourly rentals subject to 2 hour minimum or 2 jet skis for 1 hour minimum. All prices subject to 7% sales tax.

By booking your rental with Central Florida Watersports, LLC(the Company) you are authorizing the Company to charge your credit/debit card on file for any damages to the equipment, in addition to any applicable rental charges, booking fees, other taxes and fees, fuel surcharges, or other incidentals. In the event of damage, the credit card on file will be used to cover all damages to the equipment. The Renter will be responsible for all other related costs, including but not limited to; the actual or estimated costs of repair for physical damage to the equipment, cost of recovery to equipment/passengers, towing fees, staffing costs to trailer equipment to repair facility, and lost rentals, at that time based on their sole discretion. The Company will have the damage further assessed by authorized third party repair facility (as soon as possible from the time that the damaged rental is returned). Final costs associated with damage will be the sole responsibility of the renter. The renter is responsible for any and all losses and damages to the Company’s equipment while in their care, including but not limited to, the full cost of new replacement equipment, from causes including but not limited to; beaching or running aground, collision with other boaters or objects on or below the water, running engine or systems out of fluids or with low fluids causing premature wear to mechanical systems, weather loss, dockage, anchoring, or any other cause whether or not the renter is directly at fault. You will be held responsible for all damages. Contact us to learn more about our liability details. Renter agrees that he/she will disclose all potential operators, passengers, and users of said rental equipment to the Company. Renter further agrees that in the event that he/she fails to notify the Company of all potential operators, passengers, or users of said equipment, he/she will be personally liable for any damages from the undisclosed individuals, even if such damages arise out of the negligence of the Company. In this event, rentals are subject to immediate, non-refundable termination and subject to loss of Security Deposit. Renter will get his/her damage deposit back if the equipment is returned unharmed as determined Solely by the Company.
All refunds will be made by method of payment used for the reservation, or by voucher at the discretion of the Company and mailed to the billing address or emailed to the account provided to us.
There is NO early return refund. The Company reserves the right to rent out the equipment to an alternative renter if returned early, and is NOT obligated to refund or credit the original renter under these circumstances. Late return of rentals will be assessed at an amount based on the applicable hourly rental rate for that piece of equipment (based on the standard hourly rental rate and NOT discounted rate based on the actual rental period), which will be rounded up to the next 15 minute interval (that is: 20 minutes will be charged for 30, 35 for 45, 50 for 60). Renters are not only responsible for additional rental time but also for additional fees as mentioned above, including but not limited to taxes, fees, booking fees, fuel surcharges, incidentals, and lost rental time. If another customer has the equipment booked for a time that immediately follows the reservation in question, and the Company loses that rental, and the equipment has been returned 15 or more minutes late, Renter will be responsible for lost rental time as well, regardless of the duration of the other rental. If the equipment has been returned a half hour late and the Company loses an 8-hour rental as a result, Renter will be responsible for an amount up to and including the full cost of the lost rental including applicable fees and expenses relating to that rental which are referenced herein.
The Company carries minimum or higher State required liability insurance coverage for all rentals, however, physical damages incurred during the rental period are NOT covered. Renter is fully responsible for all of the costs related to damage of equipment including lost rental revenues. A lot can happen on the water like big waves, wind, storm, sinkage, running aground, sucking in debris, or just bumping the dock or another boat. The Company understands mistakes happen and will work to the best of the Company’s ability with the Renter in collecting damage costs.
Please check homeowner, renter, auto, or credit card policies to see if there is an endorsement available to you. This is sometimes an option which would result in a much cheaper cost to the Renter in the event of damages to the Company’s equipment.